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ChannelManager 201 (On-demand) (201-CM)

Duration: 60 Mins

Expand your knowledge of ChannelManager module through this on-demand course that will illustrate the major abilities of ChannelManager to handle special discounts for a fixed period agreed with a customer.

It illustrates how transactions for the given period are typically recorded by your customer who sends you at the end of the period a spread sheet with the transactions and the claimed discount. Using ChannelManager, you can quickly process the file, verify the claimed amount and pay the agreed discount back to the customer.

Pricefx Version: Unity

  • About Course
  • Course Profile
  • Preparation
  • Request a Training Partition
  • Training Readiness
  • Self Assessment - Class Eligibility
  • Module 1: ChannelManager Fundamentals
  • ChannelManager 201
  • ChannelManager Module 1-Fundamentals
  • ChannelManager Module 1-Demo of ChannelManager
  • Module 1 Assignments: ChannelManager Fundamentals
  • Lab-View ChannelManager Claims
  • Module 2: ChannelManager Data Requirements
  • ChannelManager Module 2-Data Requirements
  • Module 3: ChannelManager Integration
  • ChannelManager Module 3-Integration
  • ChannelManager Module 3-Demo of Ship and Debit Claims
  • Module 3 Assignments: ChannelManager Integration
  • Lab-Create Ship and Debit Claim
  • Conclusion
  • ChannelManager 201 Course Evaluation
  • ChannelManager 201 Quiz
Completion rules
  • You must complete the test "ChannelManager 201 Quiz"