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Pricefx Solution 101 (On-demand) (101-Sol)

This on-demand course will provide an overview of the Pricefx SaaS application suite from a high-level perspective suitable for all audiences. It will illustrate basic concepts of pricing, reactive vs proactive pricing, predictive vs prescriptive pricing solutions, Pricefx modules and their abilities, Pricefx platform, use of Accelerators, use of Lightning, PricefxPlasma and data integration.

Duration: 40 minutes.

Pricefx Version: Unity

  • About
  • Course Profile
  • Preparation
  • Training Readiness
  • Module 1: Pricefx and Pricing Concepts
  • Pricing & Pricefx
  • Pricefx Platform Overview
  • Module 2: Pricefx and Data Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Extract, Transform and Load
  • Conclusion
  • Pricefx Solution 101 Course Evaluation
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed