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Data Management 101 (On-demand) (101-DM)

Duration: 30 Mins

This course provides a high-level discussion on the role of data governance, master data management and data quality and their application for Pricefx projects. Analytics and reporting are only effective if the data behind the processing has gone through a series of steps to ensure its accuracy.

Additionally, we discuss how the validated data is migrated into a Pricefx partition through the use of the PlatformManager and IntegrationManager products.

Pricefx Version: Unity

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  • Module 1: Master Data Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Module 2: Extract, Transform and Load
  • Extract Transform and Load
  • Module 3: Data Quality
  • Data Quality
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  • Data Management 101 Course Evaluation
  • Data Management 101 Quiz
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